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2005 July

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Alone Again Natually
07.15.05 (8:37 am)   [edit]

The long flight drained me like a dog, I never could sleep much on them airplanes and the food was... you can imagine....

Daisy was there for the warm welcome to Canada, she'd been taking care of our family matters in Vancouver for almost 12 years. Funny sometime how much things can change in life, she was working at HSBC on a very well paid position. After her marriage they decided to immigrate here to raise a family. As I remember, she was not the best looking chick around but her charm raised above others, certainly made it on my list of trust and respect over the years.

I spend the afternoon taking short naps, drank coffee, call up some friends and burn time on this site. Wanted to take a spin on my motorbike but there was not enough time between shower and dinner (BTW, the water here in Vancouver must be the best in the world.) For the first time I feel in this big home ummmmm "alone" Guess better get use to that till I find company. However seeking meaningful company is not on top of my priority list for the moment.

My geek cousin Peter pick me up for dinner, he was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth but the difference is that dame spoon remains lock deep in his mouth. We are definitely from different planets but being related I'll have to bear with him. He's one of those SOB who will drain you mentally every chance he gets, you got this and he'll try to out do you. I truly don't think he'd ever make a dime of his own in his pity life.

After sitting 20 minutes listening to all about his Mercedes SLK I manage not to kill him right away. We had dinner with some of his highend friends. I must say the food was much better than on the plane. The only great thing happened was a phone call from Elaine during dinner, we agree to meet sometime, somewhere, somehow later in the evening.

After much drama on who will pay for dinner, ahemm... I was the winner on that $460 bill. Frankly, I won't want it any other way, never care to own anyone anything.

Elaine a old girlfriend of my, we hit uptown for 3 years. Now she's married with 2 kids and even a dog too. I don't know, we are still friends but keep distances. So I'm not too surprised  that we didn't meet last night. I finally manage to take a spin on my bike at 11PM, that was the highlight of yesterday. The darkness was dry, hit 140KPH in a flash on my favorite ribbon near the university. That's what I love doing most...

A New Start
07.14.05 (2:58 pm)   [edit]

We were kings, played the role of god, feasted with devils and even cheated death.That's the only life I knew. The people in our lives were just stepping stones, that's how it was.

The game is simple, there is nothing you could truly say in life that's right or wrong. You've got your ways and I've chosen my... Simply, the winners has it all in the end.

I've lost my ways long ago, sin is a three letter word one less than four. Sometime I wonder, WTF this is it all about ? You've got everything and yet feels like nothing, I've never thought would made this far, should have been off long ago. People say "Good guys finish last" then why is it that the good guys always come up dry ? I don't believe in a god but will pray for those people who once paid the price along the way.

Took me a long time to decide on the facts that a new start in Canada would be best. I'm Asian, live, eat, sheit and sleep Asian. Tho a lot of my friends are here in Vancouver but definitely it'll be a different way of life.

Vancouver is second home to me, been here few times per year for the past five. Just 12 hours flight back to Asia, fantastic hot woman, great food, inexpensive compare to Hong Kong. A heaven to enjoy life but you can't make a dollar even if your pecker depends on that dollar.

So a new start, that's what this blog is about. "Wish me luck"

 "My Puckein Masterpiece"